Dialect Topography

View Results (Interface)

Instructions below. Also recommended are the Basic and Intermediate Tutorials.

Report Type

Questions Subtables Graphs
Question by Region
One Yes Yes
Regional Maps
One Age Only Maps
Regional Report
All No No
By Subregion
One Yes Yes
Individual Record by Index
All No No

Project Region



Window Name


Independent Variable


None Top Response Top Two Responses

Percentage Threshold

Show all percentages
Omit null responses
Do not show percentages below %

First colour

Second colour

Apparent Time Graphing program



  1. Warning: This utility does not appear to work with Netscape 6, but should be compatible with Netscape 6.2.


  2. Enter a Window Name (defaults to Result).

  3. Select Report Type.

    • Individual Record by Index returns all responses of a single respondent identified by his Index number. Enter a valid Index number in the field provided.

    • Regional Report returns all responses of a single project region. Select the Project Region, and set Percentage Threshold if you wish to group together responses less than X% (defaults to 100%).

    • Question by Region returns the responses of a single project region, for a single question. Set Percentage Threshold if desired. Also select Question (defaults to Q1) and Independent Variable (defaults to Age). If Percentage Threshold is set, then there will not be a Subtotal line (which counts the total number of responses without including null responses).

      • Only Question by Region can show Independent Variable subtables and draw graphs. Graphs defaults to None. You can graph the Top Response or the Top Two Responses. Select First colour (defaults to Orange) and Second colour (defaults to Aqua). If the Percent Threshold button is set to Omit null responses, the result window will include a table and graph based on percentages calculated without null responses.

      • Certain databases do not contain data for some independent variables. For instance, Golden Horseshoe databases do not contain LUI data.

    • By Subregions will take you to a new interface to look at specific cities or towns. Select the features (graph, null responses) as for by Region.


  4. Submit Query (red box). Wait for a new window to open and display the data you requested. Note: Certain results take longer to process. The following types take the most time: Question by Region, Percent Threshold that are set, LUI, and questions that are open-ended (i.e., have more possible responses, like Q4 or Q39). Omit null responses will also take longer.

  5. If you click on the picture of the graph, you will be taken to the Apparent Time Graphing window. You can use this function to draw percentage by age line graphs. For most functions that show the independent variable Age, there will also be links that graph out the variant according to age. For example, click on the following link to see a line graph of question 9, where the pronounciation of GARAGE sounds like badge.

  6. Caveat: These results are intended as preliminary looks at the data, in preparation for in-depth analysis. The analyst must group together certain responses to account for spelling variations or similar responses. Analysts should request data and follow the routines for working with the Dialect Topography databases.