Dialect Topography

Atlas of Dialect Topography (On-Line)

The Atlas of Dialect Topography (On-Line) permits you to view cross-regional comparisons of any question. The data for the atlas has been standardized by Dr. Tony Pi, and reflects his interpretations. The regions covered are:
  • Golden Horseshoe (Canada)
  • Golden Horseshoe (New York)
  • Ottawa Valley
  • Montreal
  • Quebec City
  • Eastern Townships
  • Vermont (Eastern Townships database)
  • New Brunswick
  • Maine, New Hampshire and Massachussetts (New Brunswick database)
  • Golden Horseshoe 2000 (Canada)
  • Golden Horseshoe 2000 (New York)

How to Use

The Atlas program may be found here.

  1. Select the desired question from the pull-down menu. (Blue box)
  2. Select whether you would like to calculate percentages with or without 'Null Responses'. Default is '+Null Responses'. (Blue box)
  3. Select whether you would like a 'General' percentage calculated from all respondents (default) or choose the desired independent variable. (Blue box)
  4. Click on Submit. (Red box)
  5. Now, a list of variants for that question is generated in a pull-down button to the right. Set the desired variant. (Yellow box)
  6. Click on Submit. (Red box)
  7. A map will now be generated according to your specifications. If desired, you can put the map in a new window by clicking on 'Open in Map Window'.

Interpreting the Data

Most of the data will be easily interpreted, as they are bar-graphs or pie-charts. For the Apparent Time Graphs, the older respondents are shown to the left of the line graph, while the younger respondents are show to the right.